What Members Say About ACNL



Mary Abbott, MSN(c), RN, CCRN

Sharp Memorial Hospital

"My membership and involvement with ACNL has broadened my perspective and understanding about the impact of nurse leaders. As a clinical nurse, not in a formal leadership role, I have been able to work alongside, listen and learn from the most influential nurse leaders in California."

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Molly Clopp, RN, MS, MBATM, CPPS

Regional Director
Kaiser Permanente - Divisional Office

"There are few organizations that offer the breadth and depth of professional experience and resources that ACNL has."

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Ryan Fuller, BSN, RN

Director, Nursing and Support Services
El Dorado Surgery Center

"ACNL membership is what you make of it. Relationships, experiences and transformational opportunities will define your ACNL experience."

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Robert Patterson

Administrative Director
California Institute for Nursing and Health Care

"ACNL is the go-to organization for current and emerging nurse leaders to stay connected."

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Jacquie Pinkowski, DNP(c), MSN, FNP

Associate Profession of Nursing
Concordia University

"The privilege and blessing of membership in ACNL has truly been on of the highlights of my nursing career."

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Anitra Williams, DNP, RN, CCRN, HACP

Director, Medical/Surgical/Ortho, Inpatient Wound Care and Education
St Joseph's Medical Center, Stockton

"ACNL keeps me informed, welcomes my contributions, and provides priceless networking opportunities with individuals who are making a difference in advancing our profession."

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Kathy Wojno, MSN, RN

Membership Services Committee

"ACNL is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person!"

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