2019 Outstanding Contribution Awards

Awards presented at the 2019 ACNL Annual Conference in Pasadena.

Friend of Nursing

Awarded to an individual or organization demonstrating significant contributions and support for the nursing profession.

G. Aubrey Serfling

President and Chief Executive Officer
Eisenhower Health

Martin J. Massielo

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Eisenhower Health

As transformational leaders, Marty and Aubrey have consistently supported excellence in nursing practice and patient care at Eisenhower Health.

Eisenhower Health, under the leadership of CEO Aubrey Serfling and COO Marty Massielo, has provided unwavering support to advance nursing practice, optimal patient care and achievement of Magnet designation. While attaining Magnet designation requires resources and manpower that are expensive for hospitals, achieving this transformative goal enables RNs to invest in improving their practice and patient outcomes. Eisenhower's leadership team, led by Aubrey and Marty, have dedicated the financial resources and support necessary to accomplish this objective. One example is development of the New Nurse Residency Program - supporting new graduate nurses in their roles for 12 months. This includes attending seminars and other learning opportunities as well as coaching and mentoring. In addition, staff nurses are supported and encouraged to attend conferences and share knowledge and best practices with colleagues to fuel staff enthusiasm for improving patient care. The leadership team has also supported endeavors outside their hospital, such as providing funding for nurses to travel to Vietnam and help another organization with far less resources to map their Magnet journey.

Marty and Aubrey consistently seek staff input regarding important decisions and initiatives. As a result of the positive culture created and nurtured by Aubrey, Marty and the leadership team, Eisenhower has received multiple awards and achieved excellent patient and employee satisfaction scores. Nurses in the organization have described themselves as empowered, blessed, privileged, inspired, grateful and appreciated. More than 1800 comments from nurses at 314 California hospitals reviewed by Nurse.org revealed that Eisenhower Health has achieved high levels of satisfaction among its nursing staff.


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