By Samantha Roberts, BSN, RN, NE-BC

My Story

My name is Samantha Roberts, BSN, RN, NE-BC. I attended Fresno State University for my undergraduate degree and I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Science in Nursing – Leadership in Health Systems Management program at Drexel University.

I always knew that a career in leadership was my passion; however, I have not always known how to find my path to a leadership role within healthcare. I had brief thoughts of a career in other healthcare ventures, yet when I discovered the true diversity of nursing, I felt an undeniable calling to build and morph my own career path to make a difference in the lives of others. Of course, we generally think of this effort as pertaining to the patients we serve, and it does. However, my involvement within the Association of California Nurse (ACNL) leaders has challenged me to not only morph my career path to better the lives of patients, but to morph my thought process into one that strives to make a difference in the lives of other nurses.

During my undergraduate program, I started transforming my mindset through my involvement with the California Nurses Student Association Fresno State chapter as class representative, vice president, and president. I craved a more global perspective on nursing insight and began my involvement with the National Student Nurses Association. These organizations were full of knowledge, networking, and inspiration. I felt a connection between my career and my inner person that felt as if a void had been filled. It was a wonderful three years - then I graduated from nursing school.

I was thrilled to be done with school. I sat for my boards as soon as I possibly could and started a full time job as a new graduate nurse on a Float Team at a level 1 trauma center. Life was good, until I felt that I had become stagnant in my career. I thought there was an issue with myself that I wasn’t fully content with a good job, a great manager, and decent pay – what was wrong? After about 6 months of racking my brain, I knew I needed to take the next step with my leadership involvement by becoming more involved in ACNL. I had been a member of ACNL since I was a student, but had not taken advantage of the offered membership opportunities. I was in for a huge revelation. I attended my first ACNL convention in 2016 and was revitalized. There was genuine passion, commitment, inspiration, and support present in every person I came into contact with. Best of all, I found that ACNL is for nurses of all levels since we all can be and need to be leaders in our current roles.

Lastly, it has become apparent that we need each other to soar to new heights in healthcare. We need to offer each other support and unite during this movement of healthcare transition that will allow us to shape ourselves and each other into the best practitioners we can be. As a current nurse manager, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and attend any ACNL event no matter where you are in your career path. By attending an ACNL event, you will see that nurse leaders are needed in every sector to lift up, support, and encourage each other to morph our profession to meet our patients’ needs. As a current member of the Membership Engagement Committee, I invite you to experience ACNL so that you can foster relationships with colleagues, peers, and mentors that will help you morph and meld your personal essence and career path to achieve nursing excellence!



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