By Ryan Fuller, BSN, RN

Ryan Fuller, RN, BSN (until recently, better known as Ryan Rickley) has been an ACNL member for 2 years. A champion for the emerging nurse leader (ENL), Ryan encourages all nurse leaders from novice to expert to engage in the process of lifelong learning through active membership in ACNL.

My Story

As my ACNL story goes, I made the decision to join during my senior year of nursing school. Like many others from generation Y, I came to nursing as a second career hoping to utilize talents that other professions neglected. I wanted to establish a professional network that would springboard my ability to influence change; to my surprise, this happened almost immediately. Since then, I have received invaluable mentorship as well as the opportunity to influence a collaborative effort across California to recruit emerging nurse leaders to ACNL.

My Benefits

My benefits of membership are extensive. Instead of giving you a laundry list of benefits, I will say it’s my experience that no two people have the same reason for membership. ACNL is not a one-size-fits-all association. Are you a novice nurse leader and need support? ACNL can help. Established in your role and looking to make a career change? ACNL has that too. Looking to expand your professional network? That’s easy through regional and statewide events. No matter what you’re hoping to find, it’s there. It all starts with membership.

My Message

My message to the current or prospective ACNL member is a simple one: ACNL membership is what you make of it. However, joining is only the first step in an important series of decisions that can transform your career. The next step is to get engaged. Join a regional chapter and attend their meetings. Participate in a committee. Dive head first into the work of this amazing organization at the regional level, the statewide level, or better yet in both! The relationships, experiences, and transformational opportunities will define your ACNL experience.

Make the decision: invite a colleague to experience membership in ACNL.

Think of those novice nurse leaders you know; their talent will carry our profession forward into the next generation of nursing!


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