By Molly P Clopp, RN, MS, MBATM, CPPS

Molly Pfau Clopp has been an ACNL member for 30 years. An experienced nurse leader Molly has greatly benefited from the learning and networking offered by ACNL as a professional organization. 

My Story

I joined ACNL (at that time called CSNSA, California Society for Nursing Service Administrators) upon graduating from the Masters in Nursing Administration program at UCSF, in the 80’s. Since that time I have been actively involved in the East Bay chapter, serving in may board roles including president. The networking and education provided has supported me as I have moved through a variety of operational and quality leadership roles in my career.


Benefits of ACNL Membership

The benefits of membership to me are that there are few organizations that offer the breadth and depth of professional experience and resources that ACNL does. Additionally the policy and legislative advocacy make me feel like I am part of an organization that is advocating for the role of nursing leadership in the future of healthcare. Finally the professional networking and job hunting resources have been invaluable during several career transitions.

My Message

ACNL membership is what you make of it... At times I have been more available to get involved and at others I have had to step to the side. No matter what my level of involvement, ACNL has had programs or resources available. My recommendation is to get involved and be in it for the long haul, you’ll be glad you did!

Make the decision: invite a colleague to experience membership in ACNL.



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