Membership Services Committee
Submitted to ACNL by Bob Patterson
December 7, 2014

My Story
I first heard about ACNL, at a local hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 2007, when the ACNL East Bay Chapter President presented the organization to our nursing leadership team. Our group was so enthusiastic at the prospects of working with other nurse leaders throughout the state to network, share best practices, and to help influence nursing practice, that we formed the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin Chapter later that year. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with key thought leaders and decision makers, sharing one of the best attributes of ACNL – networking and information sharing. In 2009, I held the office of president for our local chapter, giving me a higher understanding and appreciation of some of ACNL’s core values; leadership, excellence, innovation, and creativity. In 2010, I joined the Membership Services Committee, and once again, discovered a high level of commitment from its members, who dedicate hours of service to help move ACNL forward. For these reasons, I continue to support ACNL as an influential, professional organization.

Benefits of ACNL Membership
ACNL’s benefits align with their strategic initiatives and are core to their membership.  Personally, ACNL has provided learning opportunities, such as the Foundation for Leadership Excellence program, which I witnessed helping both tenure and emerging nurse leaders, acting as the influential voice of nursing leadership throughout the state, as well as all the benefits that are afforded by networking. Some of my most valued, professional relationships have been developed at our local chapter meetings. 

My Message
ACNL is the go-to organization for current and emerging nurse leaders to stay connected. There isn’t a better time than now, as we move quickly into healthcare reform and begin to witness exciting times ahead. My message is simple: If you haven’t attended a local chapter meeting, find out when the next one is and go, to see for yourself. If you are a current member, invite a colleague to your next chapter’s meeting. 

ACNL is an experience you don’t want to miss. Join today!

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