Mary Abbott, MSN(c), RN, CCRN
Sharp Memorial Hospital
San Diego ACNL Chapter

My Story

I was first introduced to ACNL by Marlene Ruiz. Marlene was my undergraduate leadership preceptor and her teaching approach was through engagement and involvement. At the time, she was busy prepping for the San Diego ACNL Annual Innovations Conference and promptly entreated me to dive right in and help bring the conference to fruition. Since joining my local chapter, I have been warmly welcomed into an atmosphere that allows me to continue to be active at a pace that is compatible with my work and home life. In addition, while working on my MSN degree, I have been able to work closely with various regional nurse leaders on the Innovations Conference Planning Committee to a degree that is purposeful, yet not overwhelming. After my second year of local membership, I decided to join the state ACNL organization and to participate on the Member Services Committee. Again, my involvement with this committee is compatible with my schedule and allows me to engage with both veteran and emerging nurse leaders.

Benefits of ACNL Membership

My membership and involvement with ACNL has broadened my perspective and understanding about the impact of nurse leaders. As a clinical nurse, not in a formal leadership role, I have been able to work alongside, listen and learn from the most influential nurse leaders in California. Also, through ACNL, I had the opportunity to participate as a mentee in the Life Moxie mentorship program which was a rich and rewarding experience.

My Message

Regardless of your formal position, keep in mind that nurses are leaders, whether at the bedside or in the C-suite. Membership with ACNL and my involvement with both the state and local levels has been a vital component of my professional growth.

Make the decision: invite a colleague to experience membership in ACNL!!


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