By Jacquie Pinkowski, DNP(c), MSN, FNP

It Was An Opportunity

Several years ago our Dean of Nursing approached me about attending an ACNL Conference. I was not a member of any professional organization at that time. Having participated briefly in two professional organizations in my 35 years of nursing, I did not think I had time to be actively engaged in a professional organization at that time. I was presently staying focused on the urgent (as I interpreted it) which was to support our baccalaureate nursing students in completing their goals and moving on to become BSN graduates. In response to our Dean's invitation, another faculty member and I joyfully took off for the San Diego Conference in  2013, for our one-night stay.

From the minute we walked into the conference I sensed something very special in the culture around me. Everyone was sincerely helpful and friendly, offering their assistance as we navigated some of the booths and made our way in "the room for newcomers." Here, we learned much about ACNL through a short group activity in which we were familiarized with some of the roles of ACNL members who were 'right in the room with us.'

Attending the ACNL Conference was an opportunity for growth as a nursing leader and it remains an opportunity now, more than two years later. As a member of the Membership Experience Committee, I have learned not only about our growing ACNL membership, but how professional leaders collaborate, working together as a team, with kind, helpful responses.

ACNL makes things happen for the promotion of professional leaders in the nursing profession in the individual workplace, academia, support for the California Nursing Students' Association (CNSA), as well as providing nursing leadership, and advocating for our profession in Sacramento. Every nurse is a leader. ACNL has assisted me in realizing this fact. I am grateful for their support, as I finish my terminal degree as a DNP. As a member of ACNL, I have received a 10% discount on my tuition each quarter term. This has been an enormous blessing.

The privilege and blessing of membership in ACNL has truly been one of the highlights of my nursing career.

Make the decision: invite a colleague to experience membership in ACNL.

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