My ACNL Story 

ACNL: A Valuable Resource for Personal and Professional Growth!

By Giancarlo Lyle-Edrosolo, DNP, RN, CENP, CNL
ACNL Board Member – South Region

ACNL has given me a sense of community and belonging. A community of activated nurse leaders with the same interests, goals, and most importantly, struggles. I have met many individuals who have served as mentors, colleagues and friends. Leaders I can turn to and ask questions that may relate to situations that are occurring in the workplace or in my own professional/personal journey. If you are going through something, chances are someone at ACNL has either traversed that path or is currently working through the same decision points. You are never isolated – someone from your ACNL network is always an e-mail or a phone call away.

ACNL offers many resources for a nurse leader’s professional development. Benefits range from in-person, small group courses to the largely attended annual conference. There are also many networking opportunities and educational/leadership development programs offered via online platforms. The benefits abound, and you can pick and choose from what offerings suit your needs: from the emerging leader to the accomplished/seasoned executive.

My involvement with ACNL began five years ago when I presented at the annual meeting as an emerging leader. It has taken me to a journey of a lifetime and a trajectory that I couldn’t have planned better myself. My engagement with the organization has opened many doors and helped tremendously in my professional growth – from serving as a board member of a national nursing organization to now as ACNL Southern Region Director, to finding career advancement opportunities, and being informed/involved with health policy advocacy within our state. My story is similar to countless others who have received many benefits from their involvement with ACNL.

I look forward to what the future will bring, and I am confident that I will have the resources I need because I know ACNL will be there to support me throughout this journey.