Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Created and embraced by nurse leaders, ACNL's vision, mission and values reflect the principles that guide the organization. They are the foundation for the work we do today and provide purpose and direction for the organization as we look to the future.


Positioning nurse leaders to create and influence the future of health care.


Develop nurse leaders
Advance professional practice
Influence health policy
Promote quality and patient safety



Strategic Initiatives

  • ACNL provides lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of current and emerging nurse leaders.
  • ACNL is the influential voice of nursing leadership advocating for the advancement of the nursing profession.
  • ACNL celebrates diversity, engagement and active participation of its membership.
  • ACNL is the primary resource representing professional nursing's voice regarding health care issues.
  • ACNL leadership strengthens and diversifies revenue sources and optimizes human resources.