The Circles of Giving Program

Advancing the Work of ACNL




By Maureen A Casamiquela, PhD, RN
ACNL Philanthropic, Recognition and Scholarship Committee

As a longtime active member of ACNL, I am thrilled that we can contribute to the crucial work of our organization through the Circles of Giving campaign! 

While lending our time and talent is an essential part of any successful organization, sharing of our treasure is just as important. Our financial contributions support ACNL’s sustainability and positively impact many crucial initiatives, including strengthening our current leadership programs and developing new ones; enhancing our ability to secure renowned speakers for our conferences; increasing our voice in health policy and regulatory arenas; helping us mentor emerging nurse leaders and providing support to our California student nurses; and increasing scholarship opportunities to encourage our members’ commitment to lifelong learning.

Now a retired nurse leader, I have enjoyed a long and rewarding career in nursing. I am grateful to ACNL for the mentorship encounters, leadership programs, networking and friendships that I have benefitted from as a longtime member of this organization. The Circles of Giving provides an opportunity for us to give back to our profession and continue to build on the work of those who came before us. Whether you are an emerging nurse leader pursuing best practice models, a middle manager seeking to improve quality outcomes, an advanced leader looking for boardroom opportunities, or a nurse educator, consultant, or entrepreneur – please support ACNL’s Circles of Giving. Circles of Giving program levels range from $500 to $2500 or more, but any amount you can give – even $5, $25, $50 or more – is extremely important.

Your donations make a difference for all of us and the communities we serve. Be part of the ongoing success of ACNL by contributing to the Circles of Giving. You’ll be glad you did!