Circles of Giving Program

Giving Back to ACNL and Our Profession


By Beth M. Eichenberger MPA/HSA, RN
ACNL Philanthropic, Recognition and Scholarship Committee

Several years ago while serving in my first managerial position, I was introduced to ACNL by a colleague. It was our local chapter, East Bay ACNL. From that moment, I was hooked. There were so many nurse leaders who were knowledgeable, interesting – and interested in me as a new leader. I had found a cohort of supportive professional colleagues who had experienced what I was going through as a new leader. The dialogue was informative and I made new friends. I went on to become the treasurer, vice president and president of my local chapter. I am also a member of the San Francisco/Marin Chapter and helped other nurse leaders form the South Bay Chapter.

The following year, my new CNO sent me to ACNL’s annual conference in her place. Through this forum, I met leaders from across the state. Again, I was welcomed by the members and immediately set out to discover how I could become more involved in this great organization. I joined my first committee during the conference and went on to become the co-chair of the Member Services Committee.

During subsequent years, I have served on the Board of Directors for two terms and have been on numerous committees. Whenever needed, I know I can reach out to a member to ask a question, obtain guidance and mentoring and make connections for a career move. I am also willing to provide this guidance for ACNL members who needed my assistance.

ACNL is my family! To be able to give back to ACNL and our profession through the Circles of Giving is a tremendous gift enabling me to further support this amazing professional organization.

If you have not yet joined ACNL’s Circles of Giving, please consider participating in this important program.All funds generated through the Circles of Giving will finance important programs ensuring that the vital work of nurse leaders continues to grow and flourish. I wholly support the work of ACNL and strongly recommend that you do the same by donating to the Circles of Giving.

Thank you ACNL!

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