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If you're interested in making a contribution at one of ACNL's Circles of Giving levels, see below for more information.

ACNL’s Circles of Giving is an exciting initiative to actualize the vision, purpose and spirit of ACNL through philanthropic efforts by members like you. It’s about taking charge of our future by ensuring that the vital work we do continues to flourish. Most importantly, ACNL's Circles of Giving program empowers California nurse leaders to support one another through a shared spirit of contribution, commitment and service. The future is in our hands!

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When you join one of our Circles of Giving, you become an important partner in designing ACNL’s future while helping us garner the critical dollars to expand core programs, including:

  • Education and Professional Development - for nurse leaders at all levels from emerging to executive
  • Mentorship - guiding the next generation of leaders
  • Research - transforming practice through new knowledge
  • Innovation - creating and sharing ideas for optimal outcomes
  • Health Policy - raising our voice for change
  • Scholarships and Fellowships - supporting lifelong learning

Join ACNL's Circles of Giving! 


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All Contributions to Support ACNL's work are tax deductible

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