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Association of California Nurse Leaders

Regional Forum Agenda

I.  Welcome / Reconnect

II. Review of Minutes

III.  ACNL Committee Reports (Ideally there would be a member form each Statewide Committee available to report on the work of the committee.  Included
      in the report would be identified areas of help needed or opportunities for involvement needed from the regional groups)

a.  Annual Program
b.  Bylaws
c.  Environment of Practice
d.  Health Policy
e.  Member Services
f.   Nominations
g.  Patient Quality and Patient Safety
h.  Professional Practice
i.   Stewardship - Recognition, Scholarship and Fundraising
j.   Research
k.  Education

IV. Regional Task Force Break Outs (Based on attendance determine what work is needed at each regional meeting and have group break into
     smaller groups to further discuss or work through the issue/task/opportunity)

V. Report Out Highlights to the Group (Short report out of work completed or strategies undertaken to address the issue/task/opportunity).

VI. Action Items for follow-up (These would include items for the next meeting and follow-up recommendations or actions for the board)

VII. Next Meeting (Schedule the time and date while the enthusiasm is high)

VIII. Adjournment



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