2016 Scholarship Winners


Barbara Brantley Memorial Scholarship
Awarded by Catalyst Systems

Nicolette Ford, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator - Family Maternity Center
San Joaquin General Hospital

Grand Canyon University
Degree: Master of Science in Nursing

"One of my personal goals is to establish a healthy work environment with strong nursing leadership at all levels of the organization, especially at the point of care."

2016 Nurses' Float Scholarship

Anna Grace Kitabjian, BSN, RN
Registered Nurse II
LA Children's Hospital

School: University of California, Los Angeles
Degree: Master of Science in Nursing

"I believe my largest contributions to the profession of nursing are what I have invested in my students as a clinical instructor. I won't be around forever, and what lasts is not what I do as a nurse, but the investment I make in other nurses that come after me."

Alpha Consulting Group Scholarship

Angela Almanza, RN
Assistant Department Manager - Family Maternity Center
San Joaquin General Hosital

School: University of Arizona
Degree: Masters of Science in Nursing

"I envision myself actively managing a team of nurses who provide evidence-based, compassionate care. In addition, I plan to teach part time at a university where I can continue to advance this wonderful profession for the nurse of the future."

ACNL Advanced Degree Scholarships

Elizabeth Leary, MSN, RN
Nurse Coordinator, Ambulatory and Community Health Nurse Executive
Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System

School: Yale University
Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice

"By pursuing my doctoral studies as well as continuing my leadership growth through ACNL, I hope to promote a compelling nursing leadership voice with the press and policy makers."

Paige Burtson, MSN, RN, NEA-C

Nursing Director, Inpatient Oncology Services
UC San Diego Health

School: University of California, Irvine
Degree: PhD in Nursing Science

"It is my goal to be able to comprehensively evaluate clinical programs for effectiveness and efficiency and provide evidence for best practice from an administrative perspective."

Leah Korkis, BSN, RN

Interim Magnet Coordinator
UCLA Medical Center

School: Mount Saint Mary's University
Degree: Masters of Science in Nursing

"My goal is to achieve my MSN for acute care adult-gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist to influence the clinical, research, education and leadership spheres to achieve positive patient outcomes and establish processes of best practice."

Peggi Winter, MSN, RN

Director, National Education and Professional Development
Kaiser Permanente National Patient Care Services

School: University of San Francisco
Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice

"My project is to design an education/practice competency model to provide
a seamless progression between academia and practice for the baccalaureate,
masters and doctoral degrees."